Cities of Notice

Neifel- The Mist Home of north mountains, adjacent to Muspell
Muspell- The World End of the north mountains where there is only fire, adjecent to Niefel

The Sky Isle, severed land mass surrounds by a labyrinth of islands in the center a massive mountain poking out seems to rest upon a plateau of the clouds. The islands are inhabited by primeval beasts lingering in form and evolving beyond into a place where preservation of both the oldest lifeforms and where the newest have arisen. Prehistoric land of various climates, and fauna, untouched by the tread of society, the lands span from tropical wild forest, spanning into still frigid tundra .

West Wilds

The succession of the East
The Sequence of the East


Utopis, the communal order

Rispelveor or Rispveor city of falling water

Seamist the quiet port town on the western harbor of the great lake, north of Borders/Southern Ridge and Utopis.

Evergreen Meadow
Autumn Nigh/Autumn Stay

The southern-ridge of Borders; otherwise known, to those of the north, as “Southridge”.

Melting Mountains

Whitecape/ Whitetip Vale
Crystal Forest
The Flaming Fountain
Groven Mounds
Mospheron- the townless groves, meadows and ancient woods of green splendor beneath the great lakes southern edge where the cauldron of mountains shield it’s pass from eastern tread, one of the few places where dwarf and Elf reside beside and among each other.

Nesuno Plains the grasslands between Borders and the Wornwoods.
Kingdom of Nemollious/Nemollus- the city states of the summer sea
Umbura, the land of shadow, slight light, the land of night, tribal wild and beastial are the lands inhabitants.
Nupambren, the moon’s forest, almost shadow
Amantbur, the land of partial eclipse, half the year the sun does not set the other the sun is absent.

Numbra, the lands of partial shadow and beyond

Fireadirth- A clay sculpted city of glazed and fired buildings.
Anavan- the kind valleys, and peninsula harboring the great rainforest.

Vauntaga- the desert sandstone fortress of elf and dwarf, that served as a defense against the world best defense against the Fallen Elves, the armies of the Dark Fae.

Steepdepth- The city of stairs, the subterranean abode and watchtower perch.

Warmsong- the communal city-lodge that sits along and beside Lake Mellow, wooden rounded tunneled halls, city of food, drink, song, and poets. Warmth welcomes one in death of winter and presents with a refresh of breeze, in the harsh summer heat. There are many halls of comfort to be explored. Certain halls have been designed for comfort, others for ideal acoustics, warmth many have direct access to the waters edge.

Highwalk Market- a city of promenades, walkways gated by glossed metal pagoda walkways, and tiled thoroughfares. It is the town of Dwarf and Main, No horse or carts pass through here, except beneath the overlooking metal structured paths. It is is a city of almost exclusively markets and shops. A city of guilds, pubs, and venue of song, poetry and, the echoing exchange of coins.

Reviltore- the military state of control the opitomy of oppression and disconnection between kingdom and subjects.

Grouneth; The city of seaside crescent holes, that are in tiers that head downwards to the oceanside that created them.

Getzin- the mysterious acursed, glass beaches with the fields of abandoned metallic spires that attract weird storms of harsh and deadly might.

Cities of Notice

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