The cosmos spin slowly expanding and solidifying into countless clusters, the binds of samsara,, in the heart of the swirling expanse lays the “cosmic egg”.
branches and roots arced of the sentient tree
the unibeing;
the breather of life, to some,
the summit of the creators to others,
the thirst of ends,
the condensation of the lifestream
the great “Kalachakra”
the truest self

the breath of life,
Within and of this cosmic ocean; deathless spirits are forever still and changing . The firsts, the primordial the timeless and those beyond measure and comprehension solidify and evaporate.
a summit

The trickle of dew drops, splinters of the unibeing, holding the existence infinite potential, finally to be refined into sentient freedom, assimilating upon the tree and within the the seven interwoven planes of being.

The seven worlds lie upon the edge of the branches, the fruits, the prime races of free will. each race of life, a leaf, each vein on such represents a generation, each further a family, and the thinest youngest, webbed stretch living offspring. Here is where tangents of flora, beast, and elementals unfurled.

Prana is the realm of Main, of midst and respire, it is where the races of being have gravitated.
Elves, Main, Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings dominate the lands society, as well as Dragonkin and the anomalies of the Tieflings, such complete the make up of the realm of Main. These prime inhabitants have developed to embody the high being of the seven clay spheres imbued with the blood of the first three. Each came to share the realm through various ways and happenstances. Most through the thousand years since their awaking descending from their own realm, such past reach back to their races homes.

Foliate, Yearlings, and Claykind; the Lumos, Boreas and Changeling all various elemental and Etherial hybrids of life, that have arisen in the natural dance unfated possibility of these seven prime worlds. In the farthest easts, the wild lands are dominated in tandem with the spirit realm; where the Spirit Folk, Korobokuru, Vanara, Hengeyokai, as well as Wetlanders also known as Enso (formless) naturally arose and reside.

The tree lays in it’s growth upon the crescent isle of etherial clay inside the bubble of light and dark, surrounded by the etherial waters in the vast chaos. Upon the isle, the first three awoke Radiance, Prism, and Shadow. These three were among the remnants that bore into being when the great all being fractured itself. The island was all that was left, and this is where the three met, a clay seed lay in the center of the hilled isle. Where they cultivated the tree, and let their blood free all beings into form, from the great beasts, to the first elementals.

At the center of civilization, in the world of midst and respire, in the wake of humanity triumph over the darkness of Nether Discordance, and the dark Sorcerer, Nadir, the birth of dark Fae armies.
They found the seven Rishi, the sages of the earth, the celestial hearts the keepers of the past and the gods names, the inventors of written language.
the destruction of 1460

Tree of Accumulation